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Order replica of Black Widow Brooch from Original Faberge Factory.

Trevi Jewelry offers a new service for its customers. You may commission our renowned artist to create museum quality enamel portrait in gold or sterling silver frame, decorated with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires or any other precious stones of your choice.

The production of Faberge inspired objects is highly labor-intensive. Many hours of hand crafting is required to give an enamel object a velvety finish. The technique of enameling is an extremely delicate one involving the enamel heat fusion at very high temperatures well over 1000 F. Also, an enamel object that combined different colors is fused in the kiln more than once, at different temperatures for different colors. The pleasing effect of translucent enamels is obtained by engraving a design on metal using a machine known as a tour a guilloche, then enameling over this design in translucent colors.

Our Stella/monument is in high demand among our customers who wish to create eternity for dear ones they lost.

You may commission our artists to create your own portrait, or portrait of your beloved, family or child's portrait, your pet's portrait. High-quality, clear photo will be a key to a successful portrait. You may commission a portrait of any technique and style, you may choose any background for your portrait, and at your request our artists can paint you in company with any famous person you choose.

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